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  Greenville takes first ever Cyder Cup!
Greenville County golfers overcame a 7-5 deficit to win the 2004 Cyder Cup, 13-11.
      Going into Sunday's singles matches, all Spartanburg County needed was 5 1/2 points of the twelve on the table to take the first Cyder Cup. But Greenville County stormed back, winning eight of the twelve matches to win 13-11. But it wasn't that easy.
      With two matches remaining, Spartanburg & Greenville were tied 11-11. Mike Gravley of Greenville led Taylor Hough, but Brian Kennedy of Spartanburg led Tim Garrett by one with three holes remaining. The Gravley match would end early, giving the Greenville team a 12-11 lead, meaning all they needed was a tie in the final match. Garrett birdied the tricky 16th, squaring the match. After halving the 17th, Kennedy went for 18 in two, needing to win the hole. His shot drifted off line, while Garrett hit safely on the green. The win of that hole & match gave Greenville the title.
      Greenville won five of the first seven matches Sunday to bring the team back from the two point deficit they faced starting the day. Greenville Captain Robbie Gravley & Spartanburg Captain Taylor Hough agreed that the first event was a huge success. This will be an outstanding event for years to come. Thanks to River Falls, Nevada Bob's, Electric City Printing, Titleist, G&G Services, Best Machinery, David Holtzclaw, Terry Johnson, John Gramling, and all the people who made the tournament a great success!!
     Sunday's results......

Spartanburg County takes lead into Sunday


Spartans lead 7-5 after opening two rounds.....

In a format where you get one point for a win, and half for a tie, & when there are only 24 total points involved in the first place, every point is precious. The team from Spartanburg trailed halfway through the morning rounds, but finished strong to take a 4 1/2 - 1 1/2 lead. Greenville County, which at one point in the 2nd round led five of the six afternoon rounds, again gave some ground but won the round 3 1/2 - 2 1/2. That gives Spartanburg a 7-5 lead going into Sunday morning's singles matches.

Play will be Sunday morning at 8:02 to decide the cup, with the last group teeing off at 9:30. 12 1/2 points will win the cup outright. Therefore Spartanburg must win at least 5 1/2 of the twelve available points, while Greenville needs 7 1/2. In the event of a tie, each captain will pick one player for a sudden death playoff.
The pairings for Sunday can be seen by clicking the link below. Come on out & support your team! It will be MAJOR EXCITING!!


Click to view Saturday's scores...

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