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2007 Cyder Cup
  Spartanburg retains Cyder Cup......
Great weekend at River Falls benefting The First Tee concludes with 21-11 win for Spartanburg......

Spartanburg County kept control of the Cyder Cup for another year with a dominating performance at River Falls. They followed up a big day on Saturday with a big day on Sunday to take a 21-11 win. The victory gives Spartanburg a 3-1 overall lead in the Matches, which started in 2004.

The event was another huge success, having raised almost $30,000.oo for The First Tee Programs of Greenville & Spartanburg. Thank you so much to all the wonderful sponsors who support this wondeful event that supports The First Tee. We also wish to thank Greenville County Captain Doug Brown, Spartanburg Captain Kyle Milner, and the players from both teams for their time & effort in making this year's event the best yet!


Sunday's Results

Sunday’s Singles Matches

Brian Horton (S) d. Adam Black (G) – 3 & 2

Tyler Crull (G) d. Brad Sill (S) – 2 & 1

Mike Gravley (S) d. Tim Garrett (G) – 3 & 2

Jamie Burns (G) vs. Max Fain (S) – All Square

Kyle Milner (S) d. Whit Suber – 1 up

Taylor Hough (S) d. Jimmy Wilson (G) - 2 & 1

Andrew Hewitt (S) d. Blaine Rogers (G) – 1 up

Bobby Hines (G) d. Ray Rankin (S) – 5 & 4

Doug Tooke (G) d. Bobby Newman (S) – 4 & 3

Daniel Stanley (S) d. Marcus Grumbles (G) – 5 & 4

Josh Clark (G) d. Jamie Amick (S) – 4 & 3

Marty Henson (G) d. Tim Pope (S) – 3 & 2

Chip Ridley (S) vs. Mike DeShields (G) – 3 & 2

Kevin Roberts (S) d. Jeremy Revis (G) vs. – 1 up

Kyle Scruggs (S) d. Shane Grumbles (G) – 4 & 3

Doug Brown (G) vs. Brian Kennedy (S) – 3 & 2

Sunday Total:
Spartanburg – 9 1/2
Greenville – 6 1/2

Cyder Cup Total:
Spartanburg - 21
Greenville – 11

2007 Cyder Cup Teams announced...

The 2007 Cyder Cup, sponsoring The First Tee Programs of Greenville and Spartanburg Counties,  will once again take place at River Falls Plantation on October 27-28. This is the 4th year of the Cyder Cup and Spartanburg County holds a 2-1 lead (Greenville won 2004, Spartanburg won 2005, 2006).

This event matches 16 players from Greenville and Spartanburg County against each other in team and singles matches. The team captains are Doug Brown (Greenville) and Kyle Milner (Spartanburg). This year four additional players have been added to each team (2 Senior players and 2 Junior players). The Senior and Junior players will compete against each other and the points will count in the overall event.

Greenville County team members:
Doug Brown (captain)
Tommy Ashworth (co-captain)
Adam Black
Jamie Burns
Josh Clark
Tyler Cruell
Mike DeShields
Tim Garrett
Marcus Grumbles
Shane Grumbles
Marty Henson
Bobby Hines

Jeremy Revis
Blaine Rogers
Whit Suber
Doug Tooke
Jimmy Wilson

Spartanburg County team members:
Kyle Milner (captain)
Brian Kennedy (co-captain)
Jamey Amick
Max Fain
Mike Gravley
Andrew Hewitt
Brian Horton
Taylor Hough

Bobby Newman
Tim Pope
Ray Rankin
Chip Ridley
Kevin Roberts
Kyle Scruggs
Brad Sill
Daniel Stanley

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