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2014 Cyder Cup

Greenville secures the Cyder Cup for another year

Unknown Constantino rally clinches Cup for Greenville

For an uncomfortable half hour or so- that certainly seemed much longer- Greenville Captain Terry Willis had his hopes pinned on one match Sunday afternoon at Greer Country Club in the 11th Annual Cyder Cup Matches. With their once seemingly invincible lead all but gone, Willis and the Greenville guys were now watching two time County Am champ Bobby Hines match against Tyler MaColly. The two were all square heading to the tricky par 4 16th hole with Greenville leading 15.5 to 14.5. With two matches left on the course. Greenville needed just half a point to retain the Cup for a 5th straight year, while Spartanburg needed to win both of those outright to reclaim the title that they had won 4 of the first 6 years of the competition. The Greenville guys were just hoping that Hines could squeeze out a half a point- something that a tie would give them- against MaColly. That's because in their minds they were all but conceding the point in the last match of the day: Dan Constantino vs Jason Gosnell. Gosnell led Constantino 3 up at the turn, but the match would totally turn around as Constantino won 6 holes in a row- unknown to his teammates- to take charge of his match. So when Hines won the 16th hole, all breathed a sigh of relief. When the news finally traveled about Constantino/Gosnell, the Greenville team knew they had won. With the Hines and Constantino points, Greenville would close out the weekend victory 17.5 - 14.5.

After coming into the final day with an 8.5 - 7.5 lead, Greenville quickly bolted out to a seemingly insurmountable 12.5 to 7.5 lead as the first four Sunday matches fell their way. But as all great champions do, the Spartanburg guys would rise up, winning 7 of the next 10 matches to draw within one, setting up the dramatic finish. In all, the two teams raised $30,000 for their respective chapters of The First Tee. Thank you to all the players, sponsors, and volunteers that combine to make this one of the marquee amateur golf events each year in the Upstate!

Cyder Cup - Sunday Match Results

Doug Tooke (GVL) d. Bobby Newman (SPTG) 3 & 2
Terry Willis (GVL) d. Maurice Turner (SPTG) 1 up
Jose Alvarez (GVL) d. Marty Henson (SPTG) 1 up
Ken Kirkland (GVL) d. Steve Callicutt (SPTG) 5 & 4
Kevin Roberts (SPTG) d. Mike Hartin (GVL) 1 up
Quincy Halliday (SPTG) d. Bryan Kelley (GVL) 1 up
Stan Sill (SPTG) d. Casey Owens (GVL) 4 & 3
Richard Burgess (SPTG) d. Mike Gravley (GVL) 2 & 1
Andrew Hewitt (SPTG) d. Michael Gault (GVL) 3 & 2
Shane Grumbles (GVL) d. Brian Kennedy (SPTG) 1 up
Ken Leopard (SPTG) d. Ron Clontz (GVL) 3 & 1
Marcus Grumbles (GVL) d. Todd Whitehead (SPTG) 3 & 2
Rick Cobb (GVL) d. Todd Webber (SPTG) 5 & 3
Josh McMillan (SPTG) d. Mark Torres (GVL) 3 & 2
Bobby Hines (GVL) d. Tyler Macolly (SPTG) - 2 & 1
Dan Constantino (GVL) d. Jason Gosnell (SPTG) 2 & 1

Sunday Total: Greenville: 9 Spartanburg: 7
Cyder Cup Total: Greenville 17.5 Spartanburg 14.5
Greenville retains the cup! 3rd straight win

The Cyder Cup through the years...

2004 - Greenville

2005 - Spartanburg

2006 - Spartanburg

2007 - Spartanburg

2008 - Greenville

2009 - Spartanburg

2010 - Greenville

2011 - Matches halved*

2012 - Greenville

2013 - Greenville

2014 - Greenville

*denotes teams tie, Greenville retained Cup 

Greenville moves out front, hangs on to one point advantage after Day One

Spartanburg makes late rally to climb close

The Greenville County team came in posessing the Cyder Cup for the past four years, and after the first half of Saturday afternoon's scoring went up, they were threatening to make Sunday's Cup presentation more of the same. Greenville won the morning best ball matches 4.5 to 3.5 and swept the first four alternate shot matches to take a commanding 8.5 to 3.5 lead, but Spartanburg came back to win the final four, including the last two matches that came down to the final hole. That rally set the margin back to a single point at 8.5 to 7.5 heading into Sunday's sixteen singles matches, where of course anything can happen. In all, 16 points are available on Sunday so there is plenty of room at this point for either team to get hot and take home the Cyder Cup.

Spartanburg must get to 16.5 and win outright, while Greenville only needs 16 to retain posession, since they currently are the owners of the 10 year old prize. The first match tees off at 7:50, with the matches going out in 16 twosomes in seven minute intervals. Come on out to Greer Country Club and see the two county's best amateur players as they compete for the Upstate's top team championship!


Cyder Cup - Sunday Matches

Sunday Single Matches
7:50    Doug Tooke (GVL) vs. Bobby Newman (SPTG)
7:57    Terry Willis (GVL) vs. Maurice Turner (SPTG)
8:04    Jose Alvarez (GVL) vs. Marty Henson (SPTG)
8:11    Ken Kirkland (GVL) vs. Steve Callicutt (SPTG)
8:18    Mike Hartin (GVL) vs. Kevin Roberts (SPTG)
8:25    Bryan Kelley vs. Quincy Halliday (SPTG)
8:32    Casey Owens (GVL) vs. Stan Sill (SPTG)
8:39    Mike Gravley (GVL) vs. Richard Burgess (SPTG)
8:47    Michael Gault (GVL) vs. Andrew Hewitt
8:54    Shane Grumbles (GVL) vs. Brian Kennedy (SPTG)
9:01    Ron Clontz (GVL) vs. Ken Leopard (SPTG)
9:08    Marcus Grumbles (GVL) vs. Todd Whitehead (SPTG)
9:15    Rick Cobb (GVL) vs. Todd Webber (SPTG)
9:22   Mark Torres (GVL) vs. Josh McMillan (SPTG)
9:29    Bobby Hines (GVL) vs. Tyler Macolly (SPTG)
9:37    Dan Constantino (GVL) vs. Jason Gosnell (SPTG)

Cyder Cup - Saturday Matches

Saturday Morning Matches Best Ball

Terry Willis Doug Tooke (GVL) d. Marty Henson Bobby Newman (SPTG) 3 & 2

Ken Kirkland Jose Alvarez (GVL) d. Steve Calicutt Maurice Turner (SPTG) - 2 & 1

Bobby Hines Marcus Grumbles (GVL) vs. Josh McMillian Stan Sill (SPTG) Halved

Tyler Macolly Andrew Hewitt (SPTG) d. Michael Gault Casey Owens (GVL) 1 up

Bryan Kelley Shane Grumbles (GVL) d. Kevin Roberts Brian Kennedy (SPTG) 3 & 2

Todd Whitehead Ken Leopard (SPTG) d. Mike Gravley Dan Constantino (GVL) 2 & 1

Ron Clontz Mike Hartin (GVL) d. Todd Webber Jason Gosnell (SPTG) 7 & 6

Richard Burgess Quincy Halliday (SPTG) d. Rick Cobb Mark Torres (GVL) 1 up

Greenville: 4.5

Spartanburg: 3.5


Saturday Afternoon Matches Modified Alternate Shot

Ken Kirkland Jose Alvarez (GVL) d. Marty Henson Bobby Newman (SPTG) - 3 & 2

Terry Willis Doug Tooke (GVL) d. Steve Calicutt Maurice Turner (SPTG) 2 & 1

Bobby Hines Marcus Grumbles (GVL) d. Tyler Macolly Andrew Hewitt (SPTG) 4 & 2

Bryan Kelley Shane Grumbles (GVL) d. Ken Leopard Todd Whitehead (SPTG) 2 & 1

Kevin Roberts Brian Kennedy (SPTG) d. Mike Gravley Dan Constantino (GVL) 2 & 1

Josh McMillan Stan Sill (SPTG) d. Michael Gault Casey Owens (GVL) 5 & 4

Richard Burgess Quincy Halliday (SPTG) d. Ron Clontz Mike Hartin (GVL) 1 up

Todd Webber Jason Gosnell (SPTG) d. Rick Cobb Mark Torres (GVL) vs. 1 up

Greenville: 4

Spartanburg: 4

Saturday Totals:  Greenville 8.5   Spartanburg 7.5

2014 Cyder Cup team members...

The 2014 Cyder Cup team members and Greenville captain Terry Willis.

The Cyder Cup matches will take place at Greer Golf & Country Club on October 18-19, 2014. This is the eleventh year of this event and Greenville leads the series 5-4-1.

This event raises money that benefits the First Tee programs in each county.


Mike Hartin                     Ron Clontz

Ken Kirkland                  Jose Alvarez

Mike Gravley                  Mark Torres

Marcus Grumbles           Shane Grumbles

Bobby Hines                   Bryan Kelley

Rick Cobb                       Michael Gault

Dan Constantino             Doug Tooke

Casey Owens                  Terry Willis


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