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The Greenville County Golf Hall of Fame was established in 2003. The Hall includes great players and people that made great contributions to golf from Greenville County.


Leon Gravley

Leon was the Executive Director of the County Golf Association for 25 years until his death in 1991. For many years, he WAS the Greenville County Golf Association. This perfectionist of a man with a kind spirit built the tournament into something special.

Tommy Mullinax

What can one say to describe Tommy? Legend. having served as a golf professional at Carolina Springs, Chanticleer, Links O'Tryon, and the Cliffs, Tommy was an ambassador for golf. Known for long drives, trick shots, and practical jokes, Tommy, who died a few months ago, was loved by all.

Bill Pittman

Bill was long involved in golf in Greenville County. Along with his close friend, D.B. Evans, Bill helped start the first ever County Amateur Championship in Greenville County. Bill recently passed away and will be forever remebered as a golf pioneer in the County.

Dillard Traynham

Dillard Traynham has won more golf tournaments than most of us have played in. Dillard won the 1970 County Am, but has buckets full of other amatuer golf titles in Greenville County and around the state. Combined with being a true gentleman, Dillard is a true champion.

Grady Allison

Grady Allison started working with the Greenville County Golf Association tournamnets when Leon Gravley did. He is there at every tournament. He'll be there this year! From scoreboard, tee times, rules committee, pin placements, and whatever else needed done, Grady has done it all.

Mike Gravley


Chris Patton



2004 Class

Larry Campbell

Larry has served on the tournament committee for 35 of the 37 Greenville County Amatuer Championships. He is the only person who can say he has played in them all. Larry is a quiet, behind the scenes worker who always defers recognition to others, but is a true ambassador for golf in the Upstate.

Marilyn "Cathead" Stroud

Like "Arnie", "Jack", and now "Tiger", Marilyn Stroud was known and admired throughout the state simply as "Cathead". Always armed with a story & a smile, Cathead won the first ever Greenville County Amateur title back in 1968. He also won about every other title around Greenville & statewide. Part of the old Paris Mountain Country Club crew, Cathead is another County legend.

2005 Member

Frankie Impson

Frankie won the County Am Title in back to back years in 1974 & 75, and when Frankie was on his game it didn't matter if you were at his home course Lakeview or on yours, you had better have your "A" game with you. Frankie's younger brother Al was on his way to a Hall of Fame career as well before passing away at a young age to cancer. Frankie will be remembered for his game face and steely nerve under pressure.

2006 Inductee

D.B. Evans

D.B. started the Greenville County Amateur along with his close friend Bill Pittman back in 1968. Along with Evans, Pittman, and Leon Gravley, there have been quiet, tireless workers along the way to build the tournament into one of the most prestigious County titles in the State. D.B. has an amazing network of friends that know how much this man has given to golf in the Upstate.


Tommy Gaul

Tommy grew up playing on the rolling hills at Greer Country Club and became quite a talented player alongside the likes of Tommy Mullinax and Mike Gravley. Tommy won back to back Greenville County Am titles in 1971 & 72 before turning prifessional. Gaul served as a professional at Greenville Country Club for many years before entering private business. Tommy Gaul always will have an encouraging word and a smile for any golfer!

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